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Holy Week at St. Mark's 2020

Christ is RISEN!

Join St. Mark's in celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. It's Easter Sunday and our second drive in service. We had another great outdoor service with great attendance. Thank you to all that joined us in person and those there in spirit.

Join Pastor Jim in commemorating the crucifixion and death of our Lord.

Tonight, we placed candles on the altar. As we read the story of the passion of Christ from his arrest to his burial, we will extinguish those candles.

Join Pastor Jim, Mary Ann, and Dave Kline in observing Maundy Thursday.

Tonight we continue our journey through Holy Week. We celebrate Christ's last supper with his disciples. The services ends with the stripping of the altar in preparation for Good Friday.

Join Pastor Jim and Dave Kline for our last Wednesday Lenten Service this year.

Pastor Jim and Dave talk about Easter traditions. Readings from Isaiah and Hebrews related to how we can help each other through these difficult times.

It's Palm Sunday. Join St. Mark's in celebrating Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. This service marks the start of Holy Week. It is also the first drive in service ever held at St. Mark's Birdsboro. Pastor Jim and Mary Ann lead the service from outside of the church entrance.

Videos of Music at St. Mark's

Our praise band playing 'Count Your Blessing' in their first performance.

Our praise band playing 'I'm so Glad'

Dave Kline and Pastor Jim perform 'Somebody Touched Me' from our Wednesday service.

Our Ukulele band's playing 'Amazing Grace' in their first performance.